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Surf Kayaking at Woolacombe

Surf Kayaking at Woolacombe

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8th April – 2nd May 2011


Our dear future king and queen provided us with a wonderful extension to the Mayday Bank Holiday weekend and to celebrate we took to the surf at Woolacombe.

The forecast had been lousy but the rain never materialised. The wind was pretty strong, which lead to some loudly crackling tents throughout each night, however the sun graced us allowing great views from the cliff top walks, apart from those taken at night! It was good surf for beginners but also seemed to provide enough fun for the more the experienced, and there were certainly some of those in the group.

There was a mixed reception to the surf by us ‘newies’, but even those who were not too sure it was for them, found it to be a great spectator sport and became official photographers taking the hundreds of photos which really captured the mood.Of the many images, notable impressions

Barry, in yellow, notable by his unusual hesitance, still recovering form a shoulder injury Kevin, with his (bloody) perfect low and high brace and looking at one in the water and as though he is actually determining the course of his craft

Dan, demonstrating amazing power and always seemed to be able to keep up with the waveGeorge did some perfect rolls including a very co-ordinated one in the double kayak. He also did some amazing padding above the water…I wouldn’t want to give a misleading impressionAnd virtually every photo of Hector said it all – text book position and control, including his impersonation of a shark!And myself? Holding the paddle like a majorette’s stick and mainly moving sideways down a wave, I had great fun.Another brilliant trip and definitely one to repeat. Thank you Cheryl for making all the arrangements and to Alison and Chris for the Bar B Q. Maybe Harry will pull a princess over the next couple of months and grace us with an extended weekend next year.

Miriam Kemp

Open Boat Training

Open Boat Training

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Open Boat Training at Cattawade

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Kevin kindly arranged an open canoe training day towards are star award. We were able to borrow six open boats on a trailer from Mike Robards at Tiptree scouts.  Being that I was the only one with a tow bar it was my job to get them there and back. We were lucky enough to have a lovely sunny day on that Saturday. After some on bank briefing and warm-ups we were on the water for about 9:45. Kevin worked us quite hard showing us new and different paddle strokes relevant to the open boats also Gunwale bobbing!


The Gunwale bobbing was unsuccessful in producing any swimmers. After a short paddle up and back down the river Stour to practice what we had learnt. At the end of the session it was swimming time for rescue practice. Me first with Cheryl the rescuer then the other way around, Caroline’s turn next with me the rescuer. We all managed to get back in our own boats some a little colder! Off the water about 14:00 warm drinks and something to eat pack away and return Boats.



Thanks to Mike Robards and Tiptree Scouts for the loan of the boats and trailer,

also to Kevin Reed for the enthusiastic and informative training day.


Barry Iszard