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Blackwater annual tour 2016. Some photos from the day.

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River Blackwater Tour 2016. Pre Trip Tree Clearing

Mike asked for some assistance on a pre Blackwater tour safety trip, I couldn’t resist two Blackwater paddles in a year!. Eight of us were on the water at 11am we had a short lunch stop at Blue Mills at 14:00 and finally got the Langford at 18:00 exhausted, We had 5 total blockages, lots of branch trimming and an empty river to contend with. The sluice gate had been left open after the storm at Benton Hall Golf club which meant a walk from the sluice to Wickham Mill. Mike is getting in touch with The Environment Agency (who ever they are!) and the Golf club to hopefully resolve this problem. We all hope that our hard work clearing the way is appreciated on Sunday.