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Walton Backwaters 28th Dec

The scheduled white water trip was cancelled due to the lack of water in the rivers. So Kevin, Anna and myself decided we wanted to paddle somewhere.  After a few emails, a look at the tide tables and the weather, Walton Backwaters in sea boats was decided. Cold and foggy 7:30, we put the three sea boats in the van and set off through the fog. By the time we got to Walton sea front most of the fog had burnt off, it was still cold. Five minuets on to the water with a very slight push against the in-coming tide we soon warmed up. The fog still hanging over Felixtowe docks made the cranes look like something out of a SiFi movie. As we entered the backwaters the breeze dropped and the water turned into a mirror. The tide was still on the rise so we decided to cut through the marshes between Horsey and Hedge end islands it didn’t end well, wrong creek dead end! After a 10 meter portage we were back on track. Spot on for timing as the tide turned, we were into Hamford waters now being followed be about 6 seals. A quick look up Oakley Creek where we saw a few more common seals and a big Grey seal basking on the mud. With the tide on its way out it was time to get going, after a quick leg stretch and a cuppa we were heading back to Walton. We even managed to take in a bit of surfing between the breakwater at The Naze. According Christmas present watch, we did 19.2 KM and burnt 1175 calories, that helped to burn off the xmas excess. Great paddle, company and weather conditions. A good one to revisit in the summer.



Some Pic’s from Winter Wild Camp 2016

Winter Wild Camp December 2016

This years Winter Wild camp was very well supported by the club. A big thank you to Barry for organising it. We had two groups setting off from different locations. The advanced party set off from Bradwell and consisted of John H, James W, Cheryl K and Jacquie H. They arrived at Sales Point, Bradwell during daylight hours and managed to source enough driftwood for a bonfire and to pick the, erm, best pitches.  The main bulk of the paddlers consisted of Barry I, Chris, Andy E, Andie B, James W, Kevin R, Anna and Donnie, and arrived around 5pm in the dark.  Kevin and Anna, who weren’t camping, , paddled to Mersea Island in the dark.  We had mince pies, baked potatoes in various guises of “being cooked” along with beans and burgers all washed down with beer and alcohol. Actually there was a lot of alcohol and Christmas crackers to boot. I think all who ventured out on this paddle enjoyed themselves. Some pictures of our campsite including tents, bivvy bags, tarps and yeti suits!


Fishermans Cottage,( a bit Giraffety)


Smoke house (maybe camping downwind of the fire wasn't such a good idea)

Smoke house (maybe camping downwind of the fire wasn’t such a good idea)

Hobbos Rest (Barry and Chris's bit of turf)

Hobos Rest (Barry and Chris’s bit of turf)

Erm, nuff said.

Erm, nuff said.

Gorse Heaven

“Gorse Heaven”

"Scotch mist"

“Scotch mist”

Cheryls Place (Before Fishermans Cottage was built)

Cheryls Place (Before Fishermans Cottage was built)

Yeti Cave (Bear Grylls would have cried)

Yeti Cave (Bear Grylls would have cried)




“The Cough’n” (Cosy, smokey and claustrophobic)

On the Sunday we all went to Church, St Peters Chapel to be precise. Reportedly to be the oldest recorded Church in Britain. see

The paddle home, again was split into two groups, the Bradwell paddlers and the Heybridge Basin paddlers. Ready for home