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A Windy Estuary Paddle

Sunday 28th Jan. After promising the dogs a long walk on Sunday Barry suggested a nice relaxing Sunday paddle against the tide and winds of 15Kn gusting to 27kn (Force 4 to 6). After explaining to the mutts something had come up, the four of us met at Bradwell to fight the elements. Mike bought his new Sea kayak that he had purchased 4 months earlier to try out, which needed the dust blowing off. Myself, Andy, Barry and Mike started with a leisurely paddle to the end of the island so Mike could try a few maneuvers and get a feel or his new toy. After this, it was a tough ferry glide across to the Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline) with a falling tide and a strong headwind.

Unfortunately, there was no rest bite as just holding ground required a certain amount of effort. After this we paddled over to the Tollesbury old railway line on the north shore for some refreshments and to rest the burning muscles. The return leg was fun with a bit of surfing on the swell. Andy practiced a few rolls and then it was back to shore for a well-earned pint. Thanks for the suggestion Barry though the dogs are still giving me the cold shoulder !!!!

James Woodford

Photos by: Barry


Some Pictures taken over the Christmas break