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Sea kayak Maintenance /DIY

With all this time we have stuck at home at the weekend and for some of you, in the weeks with Covid 19, it gives us time to look a the jobs we never get a chance sort out. I have put together some photos and a video for maintenance on a fibreglass sea kayak. It may give you some idea on ways to tackle the jobs such as fitting a keeleazy strip. In the video there is a run down on what I use to overhaul a sea kayak. You do not need all of this but, at the same time, I am aiming to get the sea kayak looking like new.

KeelEazy – Keel protector

Fitting KeelEazy is very simple, but you will need a hairdryer from the Boss. Find and mark the centre line of the keel. I have a laser level so I use this to get a straight line, but you cold use string. Once you have the centre line make a paper template the same width as the keeleazy strip, lay it over the hull with equal amounts on both sides. Then get to work with the hair dryer.

KeelEazy strip protects keel
from rough landings
laser centre line
Laser centre line
KeelEazy around skeg box

Bow end

The Running Strip

The running strip is where the top and bottom of the sea kayak have been bonded together. As soon as you have applied the black gel-coat with a bit of gel-wax to help it run smoothly; you must remove the masking tape immediately. Pulling away from the gel-coat as you can see in one of the photos. If you don’t it will stick fast leaving a jagged sharp edge.

Removing masking tape

With the Black running strip down the side of the sea kayak, you will see masking tape, once removed will give a nice clean line. You must remove the masking tape as soon as possible by pulling away from the new work.

Pre buffing

When you go to polish the sea kayak you will need to keep the hull wet at all times with water & the polish. I just use a car polisher.

The finished job

Have fun and if I can help with info you know where I am. See you all soon on the water. Mark.

Submitted by Mark B 250121