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Pictures from our trip to Portland Bill

Starting and finishing on the South end of Chesil beach.

Ringstead bay to Lulworth cove and return.

Taking in Durdle Door

Pictures from our trip to Old Harry Rock Dorset, June 21.

Pictures from our recent trip out to Redsands Forts.

A dismal Friday evening of rescues

What rotten weather, but it didn’t really matter as the plan was to get wet anyway. Some of the guys working towards there 4* sea leader assessment in August wanted to get some rescue and towing practice in. So this session at Bradwell inlet was set up. Massive well done to everyone who attended and for Summer who did an excellent first wild roll in a sea boat.

I doesn’t matter if your not working towards any kayaking awards you can still get involved, it’s all good experiences. These sessions help bond the team, improve confidence and are quite fun, I even took a swim so not to miss out.

Swimming during rescue training doesn’t involve the swimmer trophy, there is an exemption!!!!!!!!!!