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John 18/07/18


Hi John, Kevin 18/7/18

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Jill 29/7/18

2 Star Open Boat Training R. Stour Sunday 25th March 2018

The River Stour was the venue for the open boat training, with everyone meeting at 10 ish at at the put in point, Nayland. With boats unloaded, recce of the area done, pre brief completed it was time to take to the water. A short trip up the river to a suitable area for one to one training and some serious practice.

Then the trip started in earnest through the tunnel going under the Horkesely Road A134 to our first obstacle a fallen tree blocking the whole river. The sensible ones portaged via the river bank and some decided to go tree climbing.

On wards and forwards to the box weir where again a portage was necessary.

Jill ran the weir, and the rest of us cheered her on. It was then a bit more practice in the faster flowing water at the bottom of the weir before heading up a small creek leading us to our get out point. The creek was good fun and for those who had punting poles the going was easy.

Really good day on the water, everyone learnt something, and we all went home with big happy smiles on our faces.

Submitted by John Vice Chairman 260318

2 Star Training day Sunday 4th March 2018

After all the snow and freezing temperatures it was good to get back to the serious business of Kayaking.


Kevin, Andy, Mike and myself met on a muddy bank in Tollesbury ready for a bit of 2* training. One ingredient seemed to be missing – water!!.  After a short wait we seal launched down the mud in graceful style and off up the Woodrolfe  Creek.

After turning up Tollesbury Fleet we were soon meandering among a maze of creeks trying to find our way to end of Old Hall Creek. Kevin seemed confident he knew where he was at all times but I’m not convinced!!!  After many u turns we eventually made it to a hard slip on the flooding tide. Once the sausage rolls and coffee were dispensed with the water was covering all the marches which made navigating back a lot easier.

On returning to Tollesbury (concentrating on out technique all the way) we were able to paddle up the high street past the old sail lofts closer to the car park, which was a bit of a novel experience.



Good to be back on the water and thanks to Kevin for his coaching once again. All wrapped up with a pint by a wood fire.

Submitted by James Woodford 12032018

River Chelmer Feb 24 2018

A cold winters morning with bright sunshine and a bit of ice on the water to keep things really fresh.

Add to that a bit of a breeze and Barry was well away sailing northwest from Heybridge Basin

Originally there were going to be more of us on the water but as the weekend drew near people got cold feet/other plans, so Kevin, Barry, Paul and I had the river to ourselves.

Paul, a newcomer to the sport, had just bought himself a new canoe and this was his maiden voyage, and what a lovely day to be introduced to canoeing.

One of the locks just below Beeleigh was being refurbished so it gave us time for a bit of a leg stretch and then we continued onto Beeliegh Link. On the way the ice had all but melted and the wind made us put in a bit more effort, but otherwise a really pleasant way to start the weekend followed by a pint of beer in sunny Heybridge basin.

Submitted by John H 250218

AGM sea paddle Sunday 11th Feb 2018

A very windy day. F5 gusting F7 westerlies on an ebb tide. Our origninal plan was to paddle to Thirslet Spit toward Bradwell from Marconi Sailing Club, however it was decided better to punch the wind and what was remaining of the tide and head up to Maylandsea. There was a bit of surfing to be done and some seals to spot on route.

Submitted by John H Vice Chairman 130218

Shotley Gate to Orwell Bridge 8th October 2017

7 sea kayakers set off from Shotley Gate Suffolk. The weather was brilliant. Before we left we watched the SS Aristotle navigate her way up the river. (She had started her journey from Belfast and was carrying general cargo). We set off on a flood tide with a gentle breeze against us and soon became dwarfed by the huge container ships alongside in Felixstowe docks.

We took the right hand channel up to the Orwell bridge and noted several potential winter camp sites(to be checked out at a later date). For those of us paying attention we were joined by a seal at one point – and here’s the picture to prove it. Andy B tried a bit of Greenland paddling with a home made blade which he had conjured up from the water – put Barry and Donnie to shame.

After a spot of lunch we caught the ebb tide to Pin Mill, well worth another visit, in my opinion, and then back to Shotley Gate passing a boats graveyard on route.

We covered approximately 18 miles and it was enjoyed by all. Thanks very much to Mike D for organising the trip.

Bank Holiday Monday 17 April 2017

Three club members met up at Hoe Mill and paddled to Ricketts Lock before entering the jungle. Andy E and Jacquie shot the weir whilst I, gentle lowered my open boat down it. A big log jam at the top of the weir made portaging this a little difficult. Into the  jungle amongst fallen trees and big log jams we eventually emerged the other side into time for a cup of tea before heading back to Hoe Mill. What a way to see off the bank holiday.


3 star touring January 2017

After a couple of weekends training being put through our paces, two members of BCC and two members of Braintree Canoeing Club had their assessment at Papermill Lock. I’m pleased to say that all passed with flying colours. The intrepid bunch were Andy B (BCC) John H (BCC) Ian and Jordan (Braintree CC).

3 star trng Jan 2017 002 003

3 star trng Jan 2017 003 3 star trng Jan 2017 004 3 star trng Jan 2017 005

Christmas Eve Paddle 2016

This was very well supported with 22 boats on the water. Impressive turnout from Bramston Canoe Club members and Maldon and Dengie Canoe club. A quick paddle down the mighty Chelmer from Papermill lock to Rushes Weir and back again. A brave few took to jumping and for the rest of us, we were happy to watch and play on the weir. What a way to start of the Christmas festivities.



Winter Wild Camp December 2016

This years Winter Wild camp was very well supported by the club. A big thank you to Barry for organising it. We had two groups setting off from different locations. The advanced party set off from Bradwell and consisted of John H, James W, Cheryl K and Jacquie H. They arrived at Sales Point, Bradwell during daylight hours and managed to source enough driftwood for a bonfire and to pick the, erm, best pitches.  The main bulk of the paddlers consisted of Barry I, Chris, Andy E, Andie B, James W, Kevin R, Anna and Donnie, and arrived around 5pm in the dark.  Kevin and Anna, who weren’t camping, , paddled to Mersea Island in the dark.  We had mince pies, baked potatoes in various guises of “being cooked” along with beans and burgers all washed down with beer and alcohol. Actually there was a lot of alcohol and Christmas crackers to boot. I think all who ventured out on this paddle enjoyed themselves. Some pictures of our campsite including tents, bivvy bags, tarps and yeti suits!


Fishermans Cottage,( a bit Giraffety)


Smoke house (maybe camping downwind of the fire wasn't such a good idea)

Smoke house (maybe camping downwind of the fire wasn’t such a good idea)

Hobbos Rest (Barry and Chris's bit of turf)

Hobos Rest (Barry and Chris’s bit of turf)

Erm, nuff said.

Erm, nuff said.

Gorse Heaven

“Gorse Heaven”

"Scotch mist"

“Scotch mist”

Cheryls Place (Before Fishermans Cottage was built)

Cheryls Place (Before Fishermans Cottage was built)

Yeti Cave (Bear Grylls would have cried)

Yeti Cave (Bear Grylls would have cried)




“The Cough’n” (Cosy, smokey and claustrophobic)

On the Sunday we all went to Church, St Peters Chapel to be precise. Reportedly to be the oldest recorded Church in Britain. see

The paddle home, again was split into two groups, the Bradwell paddlers and the Heybridge Basin paddlers. Ready for home