BCC Membership form 2021

Bramston Canoe Club membership form 2021

Full Name: 
Date of Birth: 
Contact Telephone: 
Emergency Contact Name: 
Emergency contact Telephone: 
BC Member? (If yes please provide membership number) Paddling Qualifications Held       
Details of any disabilities, conditions, allergies, special needs or cultural needs that you consider could affect your participation (Lead coach to be informed also)
Canoeing and Kayaking are “Assumed risk” water contact sports and may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. By signing below I understand that canoeing can be a hazardous activity, and is undertaken at my own risk.
Membership type (Please circle)          Full (£140.00 p.a.)                  Basic (£35.00 p.a.)   *Please visit www.bramstoncanoeclub.org and see BCC Welcome Pack for full membership option details  
Club Bank Details:  Co-Operative Bank      Sort code: 08 92 99                      Account number:65602812

The information provided by you will be held in confidence and only shared with club coaches, club officials and British Canoeing (For club affiliation purposes). It will not be passed to any other 3rd parties and not used for marketing purposes. Your data will be held on computer by club officials and will be kept only as long as your membership continues.

By signing this form you agree to the club having your data on file (as detailed above) and to be bound by Bramston Canoe Club’s constitution and rules (These can be found on our website www.bramstoncanoeclub.org)

*Signature & Date

Please ensure that you inform the club secretary and/or lead coach if any of the above details change. Bramston Canoe Club (Witham) will generally follow the policies and guidance of British Canoeing. You will find any information regarding Paddlesport and the policies of British Canoeing at www.britishcanoeing.org.uk