In order to post any thing on this website you must first become a club member and register yourself as a user.

Email with your request. This is to prevent spammers and in the long run saves downtime on the site fixing it.(Real name will be required to prevent spam). I will delete any email address or host web address I don’t recognize. I regularly clean the user list of this site. In a couple of hours your user name will come on line You will see a test message in your name appear, once seen the username and password are active and you will be able to start posting on the forum.


You can view any topic in the Forum without registering as a user, however you will not be able to add a comment or submit a new topic/ask a question/reply etc. After registration you will be able to read and write on the FORUM page only. This prevents tampering with the rest of the site. Blogging rights require further identification. In order to write a blog you must first be a registered user of the site – see para 1. REGISTERING at the top of this page. Registered users will only be given blogging rights once their membership of the BCC or identity has been verified by a working member of the committee or club official. Once verification has been approved your access rights will be changed to give you blogging rights. This will also give you access to other parts of the site such as adding to the EVENTS calendar


Open forum page and log in with your username (which you registered as) such as “Mad kayaker” and password ********

Click on the Forum you want to enter such as “Trips and Chat”. Click on the topic you want to read. In order to write a reply click on Reply. You can add a quote from the topic you are replying to or just start writing in the quick reply box. In order to make a new post click on Forum and then the category which most suits your new topic. Click on NEW TOPIC on the right hand side of the screen. Give the new topic a title and start writing your piece. Once you are happy click review, then once you are really happy click POST at the bottom of the page. You can insert smiley faces and add media, however make sure the media is small so as not to take up too much web space. You can subscribe to topic by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on the right hand side of the forum box. This will notify you of all topics created in this forum. To unsubscribe click unsubscribe. DON’T FORGET TO LOGOUT AT THE END OF YOUR SESSION.


Sign in to the site via the FORUM page using your username and password as prompted. Click on BLOG  on the header bar. You will be presented with the latest Blog. Click on Edit at the top right hand corner of the Blog page. Click on New

Type in your title and then start blogging. You can add media by using the “insert media” button. This will allow you to access the gallery or upload your own media. The site will take video clips,however, be warned that these take a long time to load the page in order for the viewer/reader to be able to see it.

Change your blog, re arrange it, preview it and then once happy your can press publish. Please make sure you apply a category such ass WW, Sea, River or Surf as this will make it easier when using the “search” box.  Your job is done. WARNING – As a blogger your user rights allow you to publish blogs but you can also delete/alter blogs. This site is backed up however I don’t do it every day. Just be careful out there. DON’T FORGET TO LOG OUT AT THE END OF YOUR SESSION

Finally any issues please email or for club members phone me. Regards The Web Master.

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