Winter Wild Camp 2017

River Vyrnwy Whitewater trip Nov 4-5th


The usual problem as the weekend approached NO RAIN!! Lucky for us Welsh water decided to release some water from Lake Vyrnwy. Saturday we paddled Pont Llogel to Pontrobert and on Sunday Llanwddyn to Pont Llogel. The River Vyrnwy is great for an intro to Whitewater grade 2-3 with something for everyone, we will go back. Aftereights supplied by Chris, good game thanks mate.

Mersea flats paddle

Redsands Fort.

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one they said!

One school teacher on half term and three self-employed blokes with a clear Thursday, what’s to do? “I’ve looked at the weather and tides, Redsand is doable.” says the teacher readying himself for his 5* sea leader assessment.

Sea Kayaking in Scotland

Anglesey weekend 13th – 15th Oct 2017

Friday. After an epic trip to Holyhead arriving in the dark and trying to put up a tent in windy conditions was no fun, however, at least I didn’t have to contend with the rain like the late comers did. 10pm found us all together, Barry I, Andy B, Steve B (not BCC)  in the Paddlers Bistro for beer and a plan.

Bull Bay.


Saturday. Blowing old boots to the south so we headed off to Bull Point, Anglesey. Keeping close to the cliff edge we rock hopped along the coast, exploring caves and inlets. We stopped for a break at the old Brick works and then headed out to Middle Mouse, and did it blow a hoolie once away from the lee of the land. Once around Middle Mouse we decided to head for a bay opposite knowing full well that we were in for another hard paddle before getting to shore. The wind was gusting well over F5 and when it caught your paddle it practically ripped it out of your hand. Once back in the lee of the cliffs it was an easy paddle to shore and lunch at the old Clay works. We met with several other kayakers in the bay who didn’t fancy Middle Mouse, apparently it was too windy, no kidding! Hugging the cliff edge again and occasionally getting buffeted by the wind around the headlands we headed for home.Cracking day on the water and really good fun. In the evening it was back to the Paddlers Bistro for food and beer and more beer plus some bad guitar playing and singing.

Sunday – Hangover. Not good. Packed down the tents and headed off to Cemaes bay. The wind hadn’t died down so we decided just to rock hop around the bay and up to the headland, popping our heads around the corner to get a feel for the conditions, very windy. As time was running out we rock hopped back to the shore, Barry deciding to lighten his boat by scraping off some of the gel coat on route. Another brilliant day on the water. The journey home was horrendous, the M6 was grid locked. Many thanks to Barry I for organising the trip, I can understand now why he gets excited about this place. I will definately be coming back here again.

submitted by John H

Shotley Gate to Orwell Bridge 8th October 2017

7 sea kayakers set off from Shotley Gate Suffolk. The weather was brilliant. Before we left we watched the SS Aristotle navigate her way up the river. (She had started her journey from Belfast and was carrying general cargo). We set off on a flood tide with a gentle breeze against us and soon became dwarfed by the huge container ships alongside in Felixstowe docks.

We took the right hand channel up to the Orwell bridge and noted several potential winter camp sites(to be checked out at a later date). For those of us paying attention we were joined by a seal at one point – and here’s the picture to prove it. Andy B tried a bit of Greenland paddling with a home made blade which he had conjured up from the water – put Barry and Donnie to shame.

After a spot of lunch we caught the ebb tide to Pin Mill, well worth another visit, in my opinion, and then back to Shotley Gate passing a boats graveyard on route.

We covered approximately 18 miles and it was enjoyed by all. Thanks very much to Mike D for organising the trip.

Orford Ness


Bank Holiday Monday 17 April 2017

Three club members met up at Hoe Mill and paddled to Ricketts Lock before entering the jungle. Andy E and Jacquie shot the weir whilst I, gentle lowered my open boat down it. A big log jam at the top of the weir made portaging this a little difficult. Into the  jungle amongst fallen trees and big log jams we eventually emerged the other side into time for a cup of tea before heading back to Hoe Mill. What a way to see off the bank holiday.


Summer Wild Camp pictures

A brilliant weekend with some challenging conditions and an extreme popcorn chef. No pictures during the evening as they have been censored. Excellent team to paddle with thanks guys.