Orford Ness


Bank Holiday Monday 17 April 2017

Three club members met up at Hoe Mill and paddled to Ricketts Lock before entering the jungle. Andy E and Jacquie shot the weir whilst I, gentle lowered my open boat down it. A big log jam at the top of the weir made portaging this a little difficult. Into the  jungle amongst fallen trees and big log jams we eventually emerged the other side into time for a cup of tea before heading back to Hoe Mill. What a way to see off the bank holiday.


Summer Wild Camp pictures

A brilliant weekend with some challenging conditions and an extreme popcorn chef. No pictures during the evening as they have been censored. Excellent team to paddle with thanks guys.

Pictures From Friday Evenings Paddle

Some Pictures from the recent Sea rescue session

Pictures from the Advanced White Water Safety Rescue Course

Something Different

Some pictures of John and Barry’s paddle, walk, pole, punt and sail after the club coaches update meeting. Not usual to leave from Beeleigh (salty side) at low water but great fun. The river bed is all gravel so no problems with the Maldon mud, very shallow in parts were we had to walk and rope the boats. We got as far as the Fulbridge but could have gone a lot further. On the way back with the tide on the rise the wide behind us the sails went up and home we sailed. This is a great paddle when the tide is out and has to be revisited as a club open boat trip maybe out to Northey? Don’t forget your poles and sails!


Pictures from the 1st Aid course

Well done Jacquie, Jill, Cheryl, Peter and Barry another 16 hour 1st aid course done. Covering CPR, Defib, lots of the usual stuff and duct tape torture.

Pictures from the Post AGM paddle Feb 2017

The after AGM paddle to Thirslet Spit was really good, met up with some windless sailers from Marconi SC to share the fast disappearing sandbank before heading off to Goldhanger Creek. We then paddled back into the main estuary and played around the Marconi Buoy in the main channel before landing at Marconi Sailing club. An excellent afternoon on the water.

AGM sea paddle 040217 003AGM sea paddle 040217 004AGM sea paddle 040217 007 AGM sea paddle 040217 009 AGM sea paddle 040217 011 AGM sea paddle 040217 013 AGM sea paddle 040217 014 AGM sea paddle 040217 018

3 star touring January 2017

After a couple of weekends training being put through our paces, two members of BCC and two members of Braintree Canoeing Club had their assessment at Papermill Lock. I’m pleased to say that all passed with flying colours. The intrepid bunch were Andy B (BCC) John H (BCC) Ian and Jordan (Braintree CC).

3 star trng Jan 2017 002 003

3 star trng Jan 2017 003 3 star trng Jan 2017 004 3 star trng Jan 2017 005