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Woolacoombe Surf Weekend May 2019

The Boys (and Girls) are back in town – Woolacombe Surf weekend May bank Holiday 2019.


Woolacombe Surfing was a very well attended event, with soloist’s and family groups all camping, drinking, eating, sight seeing and of course surfin’ including a lone board surfer! The weather was really kind to us, shorts and T shirt for the very brave, and for the water babies, wet suits and cheesy grins all round. The waves were averaging 3 – 4 foot with the odd big ‘un (well they looked big to me – I will call these paddle faster waves.) Pictures of the weekend will be on the Blog page in due course. Many of club members have already booked for next year. Saturday night saw us all BBQing and smoking out the Andies tent (Andy and Andie were camping next to one another and as I type this, it really reads wrong! Anyway here’s a group shot of the happy campers
Yes 3 photos because some of us weren’t paying attention – eyes shut, looking the wrong way, camera shy? or just mucking around! A really enjoyable weekend was had by all. So next year, rather than stay at home digging your roses for the bank holiday, try surfing instead!

Surfin’ training at Old Felixstowe 25 Nov 2018

Sunday saw Kevin, Barry, Liz and me having a play off of Old Felixstowe in the surf zone. It was a first time for Liz and me in this area. We were told that the surf would start off small and get bigger, in fact it was the other way round. Paddling beyond the sandbank finger saw us in a nice steady swell 6 – 9ft at a guess, boats were disappearing in between the troughs, so enough to practice on and get the adrenalin flowing, at least for me. After a while I took a break on the shingle sand bank at the mouth of the Debden. Very interesting to watch the surf line change by the minute as the tide turned. Very fast flowing volume of water. Anyway, the pictures don’t do it justice, but it was really good practice. Zoom in on the photos to get a better look.

…..”When it started with 2 metre high waves, I was thinking bloody Hell! How high will they be when it get’s big. Definitely an interesting place to paddle. Had some fun trying the deep diggity dig at the end” …Liz


Submitted by John H 261118

A Windy Estuary Paddle

Sunday 28th Jan. After promising the dogs a long walk on Sunday Barry suggested a nice relaxing Sunday paddle against the tide and winds of 15Kn gusting to 27kn (Force 4 to 6). After explaining to the mutts something had come up, the four of us met at Bradwell to fight the elements. Mike bought his new Sea kayak that he had purchased 4 months earlier to try out, which needed the dust blowing off. Myself, Andy, Barry and Mike started with a leisurely paddle to the end of the island so Mike could try a few maneuvers and get a feel or his new toy. After this, it was a tough ferry glide across to the Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline) with a falling tide and a strong headwind.

Unfortunately, there was no rest bite as just holding ground required a certain amount of effort. After this we paddled over to the Tollesbury old railway line on the north shore for some refreshments and to rest the burning muscles. The return leg was fun with a bit of surfing on the swell. Andy practiced a few rolls and then it was back to shore for a well-earned pint. Thanks for the suggestion Barry though the dogs are still giving me the cold shoulder !!!!

James Woodford

Photos by: Barry


Pictures taken over Christmas 2014 break.

Northumerland coast and Farne Islands Week with The Essex Boys

As most of you know I also paddle with the East Coast Sea Kayakers (A face Book group of sea paddlers) and was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to join them on there Farne Island trip in September. We would be hiring a house and self cater to keep the cost down. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.




Trips during the week.

Day 1: Beadnell to Bamburgh Castle and back

Day2: Circumnavigation of Lindesfarne (Holy Island) from Bamburgh Castle and Return

Day3: Alnmouth to Beadnell via Craster

Day 4: Beadnell to The Outer Farne Islands

Day 5: Cocklawburn Beach to Bamburgh Castle Via Lindesfarne

Day 6: Beadnell bay to Inner Farne Islands and back


A great week away with good company, about 160k paddled in all sea states from flat to 4mtr swells. The wild life was in abundance so many seals, bird live and even a pod of dolphins spotted from a distance. The week cost about £180 inclusive, excluding beer!, the way to do it.  I would paddle the Northumberland coast again there is lots more to see.