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Author Topic: Open Boats
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Post Open Boats
on: June 1, 2019, 19:19

Good evening all.

I have decided that I would like to try an open boat, and would like to eventually get my own for trips on flat water such as the Friday night paddles at Hoe Mill Lock.

I'm thinking of a 14 ft boat which would appear to let me solo paddle and occasionally (very occasionally) take a passenger. Something like a Hou 14, Mad River 14TT or Enigma Nimrod 14.

As I've never paddled a canoe before, I was hoping that some of you may be kind enough to bring your open boats to the next Hoe Mill paddle so that I could have a try and see if I like it?

Kevin/Barry - A crash course in open boat paddling would also be very much appreciated if possible?

Thank you all, and see you at the pool on Monday.


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  1. webmaster says:

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    Once I’ve verified who you are I will create a profile for you.

  2. Mark Boddington says:

    Evening all, plus thanks John.

    Can you all have a think for me, please? If one of you have a Surf kayak something like a Mega or just as good getting dusty could you keep me in mind as I am looking for one?

    I all ways said to my self when I went back to Saunton next door to Woolacombe I would go back with a Surf Kayak.

    Last time we were there was with my old G3 which worked well. Plus looks like weekend are my own (know Kids)

    So please keep me in mind, thanks mark

  3. Alan Jones says:

    Testing 123 30/10

  4. Paul Charlesworth says:

    Test login for Paul C on 30/10/18 @22:00

  5. Elizabeth Cannon says:

    I’ll be there. See you Sunday.

  6. Elizabeth Cannon says:

    I’ll be there for both

  7. Roger Simmons says:

    Well said Barry. Thanks to you too for looking after us.

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