MEDICAL CARD for download

This card once completed , will only be opened in an emergency. It is very important that the information contained is up to date and correct.


  Information   Emergency contact   +44 (0)
For Emergency Personnel Please cut out of lamination   Medical Information for:       After Printing cut page to bottom of detail   Fold:         After folding Laminate & Update regularly Allergies:     Conditions:     Medication / Dosage / Reason:     Other (not-prescribed):       Form completed: 
Personal Information: Name:   Address:           United Kingdom Personal mobile: +44 (0) Age:    D.O.B.    Useful information for emergency services specific to this trip:   Personal vehicle:  Boat:  Club: Bramston Canoe Club Next of Kin: Name:  Address:          United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) Mobile: +44 (0) Email: Alternative Contact: Name:   Address:     Mobile: +44 (0) Telephone: +44 (0) Email:  Relationship: Family / Friend / Neighbour / Guardian Medical: Doctor: Address:           Telephone: +44 (0) Email: