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Next paddle event –

5th January Burn the pudding off paddle. The River Stour, Nayland to Catterwade.  

11-12th WW trip TBA

8th-9th February First aid Course booking essential

16th Feb Club AGM + post paddle Marconi SC

See the forum pages for more details.  


We’re back for another year of paddling and exploring our inland waterways, white water rivers and coastal shores. As you can see the calendar is already filling up with trips to whet your appetite. The year has kicked off with burn off the excess Christmas pudding paddle on the R. Stour (an epic 15k) with some impromtu trips in between. As usual keep your eyes on the forum and other social media.

Look forward to seeing you on the water.

John Vice Chairman.

NOVEMBER annual Devon Trip

The annual trip to Devon saw 10 club members taking on the R. Dart Loop on the Saturday followed by the R. Teign on the Sunday. We had swimmers, we had bruises, we had shredded bottoms, ripped suits and hangovers. Great weekend. Highlight for me was the R. Teign, which after a lot of debate before attempting it, proved a very interesting if not long paddle. The guide book said Grade 2, however, the drops were a 3 in my opinion (G2+ in others) including one which we all backed out of so we’ll put that down as a G10 if such a grade exists. Very picturesque river and one that will be visited again no doubt. Pictures of the trip will be put up in due course.

submitted by V Chairman 17/11/19

October so far

Yorkshire River Wharf Open Boating

The weekend was intended to give those open boaters a chance to test their skills on moving water/white water, and what a brilliant experience it was. Two open boaters Kevin R and John H were the guinea pigs with support/rescue crew in kayaks Barry I and James Wood.

Really good weekend with lots of thrills and unexpected falls – Appletree Wick! I planned my line but didn’t expect the end drop, seriously, no hands paddling is the new way to go! An excellent weekend and probably one for the calendar for next year. A blog on this trip is to follow. Thanks to Kevin R for organising this trip and to Barry and James for supporting us, great weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it, the campsite wasn’t bad either – even the AA thanked us, but that’s another story.

Here’s a video of Barry beating a hole Conistone Falls.

and one of Kevin taking a dip

Annual River Chelmer Tour

The annual Chelmer tour proved an excellent day on the water with members from Bramston, Southend and Braintree club joining in.

We set off from Church Road, Boreham and finished in Heybridge Basin.  Paper Mill Lock Weir was shot by everyone bar me (open boat doesn’t like weirs), same at Rushes Weir. At Hoe Mill we had lunch – sandwiches and whatever was brung!  After lunch several of the group returned to Boreham whilst the rest of us continued onto Heybridge. Really nice to paddle with members from other clubs. Thanks to Mike our Secretary for organising it.

August – September – Wow that was summer, come on Autumn!

A lots been going on so without writing biblical amounts I’ve picked out some high lights – beginning of the month a sneaky paddle around Pin Mill , river Stour – on a skool day! That about set the tone for the rest of the month with the sneakiest of paddles being this one.

You’ll have to enlarge it to see the sneaky paddler.

A couple of Legacy white water trips were also in the offing, along with some dodgy (kitchen) wiring – er yes, Mark is still with us as is his kitchen. Some long distance paddling off of Mersea, Red sands also revisited, and lots of new toys – trolley wheels a dodgy buckle from china and other paraphernalia including a fishing rod holder -really James? (I want one) and new airbags for Paul. Back on the paddling front we also have to include a SUP paddle by our chairman and his family-  Hope Cove to Thurleston Rock 

Reports of rivers running dry R. Stour at Nayland and repairs to the bridge at Hoe Mill lock and the weir at Papermill also added to the list of trips which people had done throughout this month. We were also given some insight on how to avoid a Hungry Hipo attack – very useful if paddling the Zambezi! And then another insight on how to survive a shopping trip!  Warnings of deadly sea worms were also a topic of conversation which have been found on the south coast of our shores along with other nasties. The usual Friday night paddles have been ongoing and proved very popular. Mike, our secretary,  is back in favour with Wendy after her impromptu swim from their canoe – she got a swim sticker for that! Ian and Steffi attended a sea kayak leader training course and came back with loads of cling film – not as daft as it may sound, very useful piece of kit for repairs to your boat ,first aid and apparently “gagging gobby newbies”! 

That was August that was, and we’re now storming into September.

Quickly touch on September we had our annual BBQ which was very well attended by friends and families of the club.  Everyone was talking about the up coming white water trip to the R. Treweryn in Bala and the 4 star leadership sea kayak training in Anglesey.  Looking forward to the pictures and tales of death defying feats of descent and of course the obligatory swim stickers, a badge of honour no less. 
What ever you do – enjoy yourself, get out there and participate and above all be safe. Notice I didn’t mention sailing – oops!

See The Trips Forum and Training Forum for more up to date info. See the bottom of this page for futuristic trips! (For next year and beyond).


July update.

Can’t find enough time to participate in all the trips. Without going into too much detail the Forum is full of them, and being updated regularly. Please read the latest blog on the Open boat touring trip in Norfolk, it appears to have included everything a good weekend should have, including sailing, which is just as well because someone forgot their paddle! The committee had their usual mandatory meeting, which helped dot a few i’s and cross a few t’s. Next meeting is planned for November, which sadly isn’t that far away – what am I getting for Christmas? Too soon? Just thought I’d put it out there. If there is anything you would like to suggest, or have published please ask a member of the committee. Your input into your club is always welcome and helps keep things fresh and upto date. We are a vibrant club with lots going on and I don’t always get the time to update the website, but if you email me,  I can do a quick cut and paste and you’ve gone GLOBAL! 

submitted by John H 250719

Training Training Training

A lot of the trips organised offer a training opportunity with every stroke, but aren’t always advertised as such. Their purpose, being in the title  – trip. However, we have some dedicated training trips for you and are advertised on the forum and events calendar in the Trips n’ Training Forum. The sea kayaking training trip on the Gower Peninsula is fast approaching and later in September we have a Beginners White Water training trip on the Treweryn.  See Forum and Events Calendar. Full details will be puplished soon.

Please make you self known well in advance of these trips for planning, organisation and accommodation.

Submitted by John H 260619

Paddle update June so far

I haven’t mentioned all the trips that have gone on but here are a couple of highlights – 

Sunday 16th June Walton backwaters paddle.

This was a MAD instigated event; MAD being the Maldon and Dengie Canoe Club, and not mad as insane just to clarify.  Five of us turned up but only four paddled as one of us (not a BCC member I might add) bought the wrong boat! We had F5 SSW and an incoming tide, high tide being 12:00. Kicking off from Dovercourt, Harwich nice lumpy bumpy paddle to the inlet of the back waters for a bit of seal spotting. Then we caught the ebb tide home with the aid of a rather large improvised sail, courtesy of MAD group, Clive being the mast holder. It was possibly the quickest return to Dovercourt I’ve done. We surfed the last mile or so into the shore. See BCC face book for pictures. 

Monday 17th June – Mersea Island – a couple of BCC members took the day off and paddled around Mersea Island for some posh nosh off of stone point.  Who takes jam and scones with them???

They paddled anti clockwise for a change and thoroughly enjoyed it; mainly because they knew the rest of us were at work!

Monday 17th evening pool session was very busy. A couple of SUP boards were being tried out, with various people going for a swim off of them. There was also some one to one coaching taking place along with people trying out there weaker side of rolling etc along with improving their roll. Pub discussion afterwards – talk of next weeks BCC weekend  – where are we all going, along with Norfolk Broads camping weekend which is fast approaching. Also discussed were white water trips for September. Who would believe we’re already 6 months into the new year!

submitted by John H 160619

Happy canoeist

This happy chappy spotted late Friday evening 14th June


Friday evening paddles are going on throughout the summer months. Usually starting from Hoe Mill Lock at around 18:00 and normally off the water by 21:00 for a quick pint in a local pub. If you are attending please make it known on the forum or other club media. You are responsible for assessing the suitability of the paddle and conditions to your standard of ability along with appropriate clothing.


As usual with any club we get invites and offers from all over the place and if we were to go with them all we wouldn’t have enough hours in the day. So a few snippets have been plucked from the myriad of invites. Firstly Paul Young of E.C.A. is offering places on a Core teaching course at Chelmsford 30 &31st July. Contact Paul on for more details or visit the ECA website.

Southend Canoe Club have their annual Fambridge to Battlesbridge race  see forum and for more details. Is Bramston going to enter a team?

As always keep checking all the media channels, and the forum and Events Calendar. 

Submitted by John H 150619

June catch up.

Blink and you missed May – trust me, it was busy. Friday night paddles have proven very popular and we seem to have been blessed with good weather every Friday so far. As a lot of members are using Messenger to catch up and post trips and things here’s a brief run down, lifted from the dark magic of Apps and mobile phones. I try and put as much info on the site but its difficult to keep up. At the beginning of May all the chat was about Woolacombe surfing, very well attended see blog. As we progressed we had a discussion about Joanna Lumley from the Avengers series – mentioned because some people thought watching the Avengers at the cinema was better than getting wet on the water. Our next big event was sea kayak training off of Bradwell on Sunday 12th. We had thirteen sea kayakers being put through their paces practising capsize drills and recovery along with basic repairs to a damaged boat all whilst afloat. Everyone got a swim sticker afterwards. Dover Coast guard have renamed Barrys boat “Lipstick” – He’ll explain.

In between all this the pool sessions were going on. Some club members who have more time off than is fair were sending pictures from impromtu trips such as Brancaster and picnicking on a sandy beach at Burnham Overy Staithe, very nice.

Liz went mad – out with MAD (Maldon and Dengie canoe club) for a Wednesday evening paddle along the Crouch and boasted it was the first outing in shorts and T shirt!  Further along the line more Friday evening paddles with cows in the water,

and trips from Bradwell in the fog. Towards the end of May some of us became movie stars helping out with a TV show filming off of Heybridge.  Autobiography to follow with signed limited editions  – See Barry and Liz. 

To top off May and the beginning of June some of the coaches took out 50 ultra keen Girl Guides and put them through their paces from Papermill.  Lots of chat about new boats, kit and trips. I almost forgot the River Gipping – well done to Mark for organising this trip. There was a lot of chat about this industrial river and some unfair poems! 

And that, boys and girls was May. As always, check the website, check the forum and check the Events Calandar.

submitted by Webmaster 040619

Better late than never – Fri 20th May Evening paddle

Apologies for taking so long to upload or down load pics and vids from Friday 20 May evening paddle.  Here are a few clips from that event, firstly Liz in her new canoe

and then we have Mark in “Spud”

and finally we have Barry and Paul

Where is it?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check the Archive page found under Resources. You may have noticed that the upcoming events title has been moved to the top of the Club news page. This is because there is so much going on, it makes it easier to highlight imminent events/trips and paddles. All articles on the club news page are saved on the archive page, so you won’t miss anything. For your own fun and enjoyment, regularly check the forum and events calendar as impromptu trips are often posted at the last minute and you don’t want to suffer from FOMO!

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The clubs new FB page can be seen by going to this link Bramston Canoe Club
You will also be able to access it from the Links page which lists other sites of interest.
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The Boys (and Girls) are back in town – Woolacombe Surf weekend May bank Holiday 2019.

Woolacombe Surfing was a very well attended event, with soloist’s and family groups all camping, drinking, eating, sight seeing and of course surfin’ including a lone board surfer! The weather was really kind to us, shorts and T shirt for the very brave, and for the water babies, wet suits and cheesy grins all round. The waves were averaging 3 – 4 foot with the odd big ‘un (well they looked big to me – I will call these paddle faster waves.) Pictures of the weekend will be on the Blog page in due course. Many of club members have already booked for next year. Saturday night saw us all BBQing and smoking out the Andies tent (Andy and Andie were camping next to one another and as I type this, it really reads wrong! Anyway here’s a group shot of the happy campers

Yes 3 photos because some of us weren’t paying attention – eyes shut, looking the wrong way, camera shy? or just mucking around! A really enjoyable weekend was had by all. So next year, rather than stay at home digging your roses for the bank holiday, try surfing instead!

submitted by Vice Chairman 070519

Woolacombe Woolacombe, Woolacombe, We’re all going to Woolacombe. Don’t forget Woolacombe Surf weekend Friday 3rd May is fast approaching. Book your pitch, check your camping gear, your boat and most importantly your sense of humour. Should be a good weekend. I believe this will be the highest turn out of club members for this event. See Events.

submitted by John H 230419

Friday 12th April evening paddle

see more photos on blog but here’s how not to do a synchronised seal launch

submitted by John H 130419

Monday 8th April pool Session.

Busy, busy, busy, lots of people in the pool practising their stuff. One end of the pool had a mini roll clinic the other end safety and rescue, with each group being put through their paces. Really nice to see the newer members of the club trying out different boats and going through various strokes at their own pace. Don’t forget if you want help with anything please ask. Practising in the pool is the best place to get it wrong! Nice warm water and plenty of eyes watching you to keep you safe. The Friday evening paddles offer an ideal environment to put into practice your newly acquired pool skills. Apart from being a nice paddle it will help blow away the stresses of the week and set you up nicely for the weekend.

Submitted by John H 090419


Now that we are officially in British Summer Time we can play out late at night. This Friday (April 5th) see’s us kick off with these events at Hoe Mill. A nice leisurely paddle to Rushes Weir and back. See Events 

Submitted by John H 020419

Crazy weather and mad people.

 A lot of BCC members have been enjoying the strong winds as of late, getting out amongst the waves on the mighty Blackwater. A one way trip from Heybridge to Bradwell, in exciting conditions, a cheeky paddle around Canvey Island and a very windy open boat paddle from Hoe Mill Lock to Rushes weir (Sunday 10th March) has had everyone smiling like Cheshire cats. I’m pleased to say the sail paddles worked well with varying degrees of success, and when the wind really caught the sails the boats took off. If you are the proud owner of one of these devices get out and practice with it, you’re in for a laugh!

submitted by Johh H Vice Chairman 10/03/19

SHOUT, REACH THROW  – Monday 11th’s pool session

If you weren’t there, you missed out on this rescue session. Monday night was rescue night Shout .. Reach…. Throw….. Go…..& Row….. We also had some great demonstrations from Anna & Barry, Anna definitely had the upper hand as she managed to play bad victim really well & drowned Barry twice ! 😂 (Only pretend drowning you understand – we’re a very responsible club & take H&S very seriously indeed !) We also had boat to boat rescues practising ‘T’, ‘H’ & dead man rescues (again not really dead, only pretending see above re; H&S).

Submitted by Kevin R 130219




For Next Year and Beyond

Beginning of the year there will be lots of training announced, White water, Sea, Surf and Touring and the Lundy Island adventure 2019 TBA.

Scotland 2020. A week of sea kayaking on the west coast with plenty of wild camping!

Isle of Man 2021 A week on this beautiful island, perhaps even paddling the open crossing there! 

More info on all trips can be found on the Trips Forum page and EVENTS calendar. Extra trips are always added throughout the year.

Trip suggestions always gratefully accepted

Submitted by Barry Events coordinator

  Training and Training trips.

Training for 2019 is being worked on alongside the trips/events calendar so we can blend everything together. New personal awards are being rolled out by BC so they wont be called 2-3-4 and 5* anymore but it’s only a name, your personal development in your chosen discipline is still achievable. Speak to a coach, they don’t bite and they can get you pointed in the right direction.

With that said all my Sea trips planned will incorporate something to work on! We need to look at and work on personal paddling skills, practical Navigation, tidal planning, distance, team work, group kit, personal kit, rescues, first aid exercises, scenarios (stuff happens)!

Our Monday night pool sessions are always full of training opportunities, use them.


Training trips will be published as and when. Normally when the weather is warmer. Keep an eye out on the Training forum and Events Calendar.