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2018 has arrived! CALENDARS now available

At last we can now crack on with the year as the long awaited Bramston CC calendars have arrived. See Cheryl for yours. You know you want one.

Coaches training session

On Saturday 13th Jan the coaches got together for a training session which involved a bit of role playing and practising different coaching techniques. If there is such a title as Kayaker thesbian, then Bramston coaches are the best! This was followed by a wash up and for the few who weren’t freezing their toes off a quick paddle down the Chelmer. I think all involved thought it a worth while session. Thanks to Kevin for organising it.

Submitted by John H. Chairman

Annual General Meeting

AGM will be held on Sunday 11th February at 10:30 Marconi Sailing Club.  Please check your emails and see forum.

Items on the agenda so far are:-

Out going committee reports, Voting in and forming of the new committee.

AOB – Coaches – wannabies and improvers, BC assoc membership – two options, Late payment of fees, Non returnable deposits for trips, Courses/personal aspirations – what do you want to do?how do we encourage more people to attend trips?

Please keep your ideas and discussion topics coming. Anything which we can’t discuss/resolve will be taken on by the new committee.

submitted by John H Chairman


Bramston CC 2018 Events List now Out.

I have now put the events list on the site calendar, the trips Forum and a hard copy will be available from Me at the Monday pool sessions. I have also added some working notes below the list on the trips forum. Event suggestions will always be welcome on the forum.

Happy New Year, may your paddles be wet and your head be dry. Barry

submitted by Barry I Vice Chairman

Some additions to the Calendar already 

Feb 3rd Crash n Burn night, Techniques on how to fix your paddling gear. At Clive’s 12 Colchester Road, Heybridge.

Feb 4th Open boat training with Clive at Paper Mill see trips forum.

Submitted by Barry Events Organiser

Tree obstruction River Chelmer

Paddlers beware

“Tree across river Chelmer – this is not a recent tree fall, however with the river rising it has now become more of a dangerous hazard for anyone traveling downstream from the University. There is a tree across the river just above the Viaduct/Railway crossing and after the footpath which leads from Hill View Road to the Station/University. There is currently no room to get under the tree safely and no obvious breakouts before the tree. Take care whilst the rivers are flowing.”

submitted by Cheryl C Secretary
Message from Webmaster updating BCC email address

Some of you I believe are not receiving/included on the general email address. If you wish to be included you need to have a forum account (even if you don’t use it) as I use this list to update the general email addresses. To register on the forum you must email me at Once I’ve verified who you are I will set up your account.

Submitted by Webmaster.

Coming Events


AGM Sunday 11th February 10:30 Marconi Sailing Club

Submitted by Chairman
Blackwater tour 15th April.

See Events Calendar. Click on link to down load details

Blackwater tour details 2018

Submitted by Cheryl Secretary

2018 Scottish Sea kayaking symposium

See Forum under training or click the link

Submitted by Barry Events Organiser

Winter Wild camp

 Training trips.


Training trips will be published as and when. Normally when the weather is warmer. Keep an eye out on the forum and Events Calendar.