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August already?

How time flies, middle of August so soon? Just a quick update – The club committee meeting took place, two hours of eating chocolate biscuits and drinking tea, we put the world to rights, including discussing health and safety issues, BC star courses, coaches courses, new boats and equipment, club BBQ, along with a tick off list of what has been achieved so far this year.

Lots of people have been out and about paddling on the sea and at Lee Valley WW, avoiding the rivers due to green/blue algae concerns.

There’s a camping weekend coming up soon and Mike has organised a BBQ for the 1 Sept 4pm at Hoe Mill Lock. Bring your food and portable bbq and boat if you fancy a paddle with your family.

Keep an eye on the Events calendar, FB, the forum and your emails. If you’re planning an event please LET US KNOW so we can advertise it.

For the club members who still haven’t paddled in the wild yet, cut the apron strings tying you to the pool and get out there. Lots of experienced members would be happy to take you out on an adventure. Its amazing whats on your back door step which can’t be seen by any other means than a boat. 

Coaches meeting Monday 16th July

In the pub after the pool session. What will we be discussing, well, not the merits of drinking bitter over lager or the calorie contents of a packet of peanuts. Whilst very interesting we will save these topics for another day. Kevin has sent out an email outlining what when and where. If you are available please attend along with your thoughts and ideas. Trying to get all the coaches together is a bit of a nightmare.

Submitted by John Vice Chair 110818

21st July whats happening?

Just a heads up: A paddle is being planned for the Deben Estuary on 21st July. The plan is to paddle from Felixstowe up to Woodbridge with the tide whilst the sun goes down in the evening then paddle back in the dark. Interested? See Forum for more details and let the organisers know you are going.

Submitted by John H on behalf of Mike Secretary 110718

Coaching reminder for Sat 14th

Whoa, this is going to be a big one with lots future champions in the making. All coaches should have received the email for this coming Saturday, sun hats, sun cream and and sense of humour needed. Last weekend saw 3 rafted canoes full of budding kayakers making their way down the mighty Chelmer. The peace and tranquillity of the water was broken by the sound of screaming coaches(?) and support staff along with enthusiastic Brownies. A great day on the water, enjoyed by all. Excellent water fight and a swim to boot, can’t be bad.

Submitted by John H Vice Chair 10/07/18

Club Paddle for Sat 7th

For those going on the club paddle this Saturday- make yourself known. See Forum. Looks like its going to be really favourable conditions. If I had a clone he’d be going on this trip.

submitted by John Vice Chairman 040718

Coaching reminder for Sat 7th.

For the coaches don’t forget this Saturdays coaching session. For those involved you should have all seen and read the email from Kevin regarding timings etc. Have a look a the video link. Don’t forget your sun hat, sun screen, sense of humour and your boat! Its going to be Hot, HOt, HOT.

John H Vice Chairman 04072018

How to get rid of Kayaker rust

Go to The Legacy at Lee Valley of course.   6pm saw five club members bobbing around the bottom stopper doing their thing looking a little rusty. A couple of runs later and some of us were beginning to look like we actually knew what we were doing.  The water was warm and surprisingly, the Legacy, not that busy.  Cracking way to end the week, even the Friday night traffic was bearable and certainly worth the effort.

John H 29/06/2018

The annual club summer camp

Looks like this event was very well supported, with a friendly f2 breeze on the way out and also, lucky whatsits, on the way back too! Some of us may have been at work, but took a sneaky peak at the Blackwater Sailing Club webcam and saw crew out on the Saturday and coming home again on the Sunday.Cracking photos can be seen on the blog page. So, after looking at the pretty pictures – what does this buoy actually mean?

Don’t know? Look it up! It pays to know the more common buoyage around our rivers and estuaries. Might keep you out of trouble or if you’re in trouble might be the best position lock on you’ve got for your rescuers.

Don’t forget if you wish to volunteer for Sat 30th – Go Canoeing- let Paul know.


webmaster 27/06/18


All work and no play.

Apologies, haven’t been keeping my eye on the ball.

Lots of  stuff has been going on over the last couple of months, with paddles arranged and training along with coaching of external groups.

There has been a request for helpers by Paul Younger of Essex slalom for 30th June see forum. email him direct or talk to him at one of the Monday pool sessions.

Also the wild camp is coming up along with Friday evening paddles. Check out the forum and get your name on the list. Have you seen the latest blog of Anglesey? It might have been calm but stunning scenery.

If anyone has anything they would like to publish please let me know. This isn’t a one man band!

webmaster 19062018


Friday Evening paddle 15/06/18

Blackwater estuary paddle see forum.

Essential Sea Kayaking Festival Weekend

14th -16th September 2018. Anglesey. More info about this weekend can be found on Nicks website:

Sundays Open Boat Training 25th March.

What a fantastic day for messing around on the water 6 open boats and one kayak, all doing their “Thing” on the water. The R. Stour is a really pretty river to paddle and what a brilliant venue for training on. Many thanks to Kevin for organising this training trip and providing the expert advice. For those completing their 2 star award training – keep it up, you’re well on your way.

Heres a clip of Jill shooting the box weir. The open boaters whimped out and from prior experience not a bad idea.

Submitted by John Webmaster 260318

WAKE UP – Sunday 25th March

2 star Open Boat training see Events calendar (don’t forget to double click on the more information tab at the bottom to reveal a map of the location) and let everyone know you are going by saying so on the forum under TRAINING.

submitted by Kevin BCC Coach 220318


You should have all by now received the minutes from the 2018 AGM if not follow the link BCC AGM 2018 – Minutes 11.02.18. Please let me know by email if you are not receiving block emails such as this – not as daft as it sounds as you will have spoken to other people and said “I never received that” in which case let me know.

There have been various paddles going on during the week and I know there is a blog in draft waiting to be published shortly. If you have any news regarding kayaking matters please let me know for inclusion of the news page.

Submitted by John Webmaster 070318


A cold day on the water for Saturdays paddlers

See blog

submitted by John H 250218

Busy Weekend over the 17th and 18th Feb

Well for those of you who didn’t go to the two star training session on Saturday, you missed out. Excellent weather, warm water (ahem) and lots of practice to hone the skills of the 2 Star paddler. For those who attended, well done, Kevin our lead instructor was very impressed. You are well on your way to achieving your goal. Commitment is the name of the game. Once you have your 2 star under your belt a whole new chapter of kayaking experiences and courses open up to you enabling you to take your kayaking to a new level helping you become better, safer and more confident.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, a sea trip on the Sunday was planned on the Medway, virgin waters for some of us, the blog and photos tell the story.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the forum for up coming trips and training sessions. There is an open boat paddle going ahead this coming Saturday, log on to the forum and make it known that you will/will not be attending. Wrap up warm as it will be cold, according to John Kettley and Michael Fish who are the weather men.(ok they don’t do the weather anymore as they are retired).

Submitted by Webmaster 22/02/2018


Pool session Mon 12 Feb

Lots of people on the water and really good to see them being more adventurous trying out a variety of boats. Our youngest paddler Hope, was making some smart lines across the water dodging the playboaters who were making a splash. Also good to see people trying out their bow and stern rudder manoeuvres to good effect. Some also tried their rolling for the first time. Keep it up, you’ve gained your confidence in going over, the technique in coming up will follow.

Submitted by John H Webmaster. 130218

AGM, New Committe and Paddle

We had a very successful AGM at Marconi Sailing Club, with a good turn out from our members. I now stand down as Chairman and take up my new role as Vice Chair.  Thank you very much for all your support and kind words over the last two years. A new committee has been voted in and formed, and I will update the website and various documents to reflect this over the next couple of days. Your new Chairman is Andie Baldwin. A lot was discussed and resolved. A few members mentioned that they were not receiving club emails. I will look into this and see what can be done.  The minutes of the meeting will be sent out to you soon. This was followed by a paddle in quite testing conditions to Maylandsea. F5 and F7 gusting in from the west made for a change of plan, so instead of going to Thirslet Spit as intended, we headed up the estuary to Maylandsea , closely observed by several seals with a bit of surfing on route. Cracking day on the water. see blog.

Submitted by John H Vice Chairman 120218

D’arn at the Pool Monday 5th Feb

For those of you safely tucked up at home in front of the open fire and Goggle box you missed it. We had a 15 minute session aimed at practising your stern rudder and bow rudder. Some of us also had an adhoc practice passing your paddle over the bottom of your kayak whilst upside down ready for that awesome roll. Some success’s, and some bail outs. Well done to all of you who took part. Don’t forget we have a store room full of different sized and shaped boats. Don’t be afraid to try them out. It all adds to your kayaking experience and is also good fun seeing how each boat performs differently. That sweet spot in your “old favourite” will desert you in another boat and you will need to re think and re adjust.

Submitted by John H Webmaster 070218

Coming Events

Monday Evening Pool Sessions. Every Monday 20:15 – 21:15 poolside, Witham Leisure, CM8 1EP (apart from Bank Holidays)

Friday evening Paddles during BST see trips forum

Club Paddle. Trip out to Walton Backwaters 12th August

Club weekend. 8-9th September poss warm-up for WW.

Club Sea weekend. 22-23rd September

Club WW weekend. 13-14th October

Club WW Weekend. 10-11th November

Winter wild camp. 1-2nd December

Bridge Jump/Xmas meal. 24th December

Dash-n-Splash WW trip. 29th December

Burn the Pudding off Paddle. 6th January 2019

A weekend trip to Anglesey? maybe 22-23rd sep

Lundy Island adventure 2019 TBA.

More info on all trips can be found on the Trips Forum page and EVENTS calendar. Extra trips always added.

Submitted by Barry Events coordinator

  Training trips.

Open boat training Saturday 24th Feb See forum

Two Star Training Sunday 4th March  See Training forum

Some wild rolling/rescuing. Friday evening paddle 1st June

3* Sea Training trips are in the pipe line.  See training forum

Sea Kayak training

Check out: for some great sea kayak training at Anglesey

Training trips will be published as and when. Normally when the weather is warmer. Keep an eye out on the forum and Events Calendar.