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A change of boat, a change of scenery and a change of pace

With so much training going on recently with 3 star sea and assessment course along with WW trips to Devon, it was nice to get out of the mayhem and go for an open boat paddle see blog.

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A Massive Congratulations

Well done to all 6 club members who passed their 3* sea assessment on the Blackwater Estuary last weekend. John, Andy E, Anna, Andie B, Liz, and Mark. Another 2 guys from MAD also passed, Roger and Johnie short shorts. Thanks to Clive for setting up the Assessment and Charlie for assessing. If you want to do your 3* sea or any other training and assessments next year make yourself known to our coaches.

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Eventful Weekend in Devon

The October WW trip clashed with Hurricane Calum’s arrival on the West of England, so off we went to Devon. Blog to follow shortly.

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Kent Canoe Demo Night Monday 17th September

Just a reminder that we have Kent Canoes coming to the pool tonight
with their demo fleet. If you’re wanting to purchase a kayak for the
first time or are getting bored with your current boat then this is a
great opportunity to try some other boats!

See you all there,

Mike Dalby Club Secretary

Don’t forget the club BBQ Sat 1 Sept 4 pm Hoe Mill Lock. Bring your own Barbie food and drink plus boat if you fancy a paddle afterwards

Fancy a paddle this Sunday 2 Sept?  See forum for details

Saturday 25th. 3* Sea training at West Mersea.

Early start. meeting at West mersea to get some 3* sea training done as the assessment is creeping up on us. Some back to basic training on this one. Covering Forward paddling using good trunk rotation, catch and power phases, the awareness of lower limb cycling and the push and pull ratio of the arms. Maintaining Direction using Edging and Reverse paddling working on control with a figure of eight course to perfect. We also paddled out into the Blackwater estuary to have a look at Buoys and do some practical navigation, positioning on OS maps with grid references, Long and Lat with charts and distances. Some thought provoking stuff.  6 of us attended the training trip Myself (Barry), Kevin training Andy E, Andie B, Mark B as trainees and Sam already 3* sea coming along and joining in.

I’m sorting out various other 3* sea training evenings/days/weekends. The next one is Friday 31st Aug (see trips and training forums), you don’t have to be doing your 3*sea assessment this time to join us on any of the training there’s always something to learn.

We will be doing some training during our weekend trip to Anglesey on the water and in the pub in the evening.

Monday night 3* training session 20 August 2018

Monday nights pool session was aimed at various rescues and rolling practice in readiness for those taking their British Canoeing 3 star sea award and general safety on the water. Lots of sea kayaks in the pool and a very enthusiastic group of kayakers made this a very enjoyable session indeed. The group were put through their paces, doing self rescues, rescuing one another and rolling different kayaks. It was very interesting watching the various methods and techniques of rescuing a kayaker out of his/her boat – semi submerged leverage, strope, paddle with a float, paddle without a float and so on. Lots of practice in emptying a waterlogged boat and rolling also took place. Big thank you to Kevin R and Barry I for overseeing this session. The practice, feed back, and lessons learnt will make us all safer on future trips. This was followed up with a question and answer discussion in the pub afterwards. See links for videos of training session Andy B Andy E James with BA James no BA  John H 

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August already?

How time flies, middle of August so soon? Just a quick update – The club committee meeting took place, two hours of eating chocolate biscuits and drinking tea, we put the world to rights, including discussing health and safety issues, BC star courses, coaches courses, new boats and equipment, club BBQ, along with a tick off list of what has been achieved so far this year.

Lots of people have been out and about paddling on the sea and at Lee Valley WW, avoiding the rivers due to green/blue algae concerns.

There’s a camping weekend coming up soon and Mike has organised a BBQ for the 1 Sept 4pm at Hoe Mill Lock. Bring your food and portable bbq and boat if you fancy a paddle with your family.

Keep an eye on the Events calendar, FB, the forum and your emails. If you’re planning an event please LET US KNOW so we can advertise it.

For the club members who still haven’t paddled in the wild yet, cut the apron strings tying you to the pool and get out there. Lots of experienced members would be happy to take you out on an adventure. Its amazing whats on your back door step which can’t be seen by any other means than a boat. 

Upcoming Events

Monday Evening Pool Sessions. Every Monday 20:15 – 21:15 poolside, Witham Leisure, CM8 1EP (apart from Bank Holiday Mondays)

Friday evening Paddles during (British Summer Time) see trips forum.

Club WW Weekend. 10-11th November

Core Coaching Course. Norfolk 10-11th November

Winter wild camp. 1-2nd December

Bridge Jump/Xmas meal. 24th December

Dash-n-Splash WW trip. 29th December

Burn the Pudding off Paddle. 6th January 2019

For Next Year

Begging of the year will be lots of training announced Lundy Island adventure 2019 TBA.

More info on all trips can be found on the Trips Forum page and EVENTS calendar. Extra trips always added.

Submitted by Barry Events coordinator

  Training trips.

Open boat training Saturday 24th Feb See forum

Two Star Training Sunday 4th March  See Training forum

Some wild rolling/rescuing. Friday evening paddle 1st June

Friday evening 31st 3* sea training

3* Sea Training trips are in the pipe line.  See training and trips forum

Training trips will be published as and when. Normally when the weather is warmer. Keep an eye out on the forum and Events Calendar.