Pesonal Paddling Logs

TEST PAGE – If you would like your own on line log please email me. Our test guinea pig is Liz C and John H. The pages will be p/w protected, so only you and the webmaster can see it. (Webmaster access for maintenance only). Below is an example of what the page will look like. Full instructions and help with adding monthly blocks will be given with help on hand for technophobes. Lets see how Liz gets on first!

16thEXAMPLE Blackwater Estuary 18:00 Bradwell. Training paddle 4 Star Leader preparation with Barry I, Liz, Johnny, Roger (MAD) Andy and Summer E – self rescues and rescuing others using a tow where necessary.
Practiced Rolling both sides
                  Hook rescue
                  Jacobs ladder rescue
                  Self rescue back deck scramble
                  Submersed self rescue.
SeaHW 16:00 F3 SW @ 16:00 F5 SE@ 19:00
16 miles
20thEXAMPLE Paper Mill to Hoe Mill. Meet 17:00 on the water for 17:30 with Barry, Kevin, Andy, Mark. Really nice paddle no one else on the river.
Practiced self rescues
Note need to repair rear seat
RiverSunny F2 SE 19C overcast. 8 miles

Liz C Persnonal paddle Log p/w Protected

John H Personal paddle Log p/w Protected

Paul P Personal paddle Log p/w Protected