Swimmers Trophy

Swimmer of the Moment Trophy Award

The Trophy was introduced, and made, by Barry I in March 2020 to commemorate the daring deeds and failed strokes of Bramston Canoe Club kayaking community. Here we will see a pictorial history of the brave men and women who have taken the plunge in pursuit of kayaking perfection.

Mark B. 3rd July Blackwater Estuary

Mark B. 3rd July Blackwater Estuary Sea Kayak F4/5 – Surfing a wave mishap

Mike D 26th June R. Medway

photo required

OB weir decent mishap,War and Peace Revival Lock. Quote “Mike shot the slide like a ballerina would do a graceful move, but as he hit the bottom his OB just rolled over with Mike going down with his ship.”

Kevin R 1st March R. Chelmer

Kev R “Swimmer of the Moment” 1 st March 2020 For OB sailing mishap, stood up to unfurl sail in the wind – lesson learnt! Kevins claim to fame is to have the honour of being the first person to receive the award.