Swimmers Trophy

Swimmer of the Moment Trophy Award

The Trophy was introduced, and made, by Barry I in March 2020 to commemorate the daring deeds and failed strokes of the Bramston Canoe Club community. Here we will see a pictorial history of the brave men and women who have taken the plunge in pursuit of kayaking perfection.

Simon has finally managed to pass on the duck, this time to Louise Howlett who put in a tremendous effort at Lee Valley on 19th September. Well done Louise!

The latest member to be honoured with the swim trophy is Simon Holliday. Simon successfully rolled twice at Lee Valley on Saturday 10th July but eventually succumbed and had to pull his deck in anger. Well done Simon!

Our new lucky recipient of the ‘Swimmer Of The Moment’ trophy is Hazel. Hazel put in a superb effort learning to side surf in the weir and was rewarded with a great swim and great progress was made. And as you can see, Hazel was still smiling at the end! Keep it up Hazel 🙂

Edit: I received a confession from Kevin after Hazel gained her award. The Friday before Kevin and Anna went for an Open boat trip on the R Stour. Kevin confesses that he took a swim at the bottom of a weir, shortly followed by Anna doing the same thing resulting in Anna swimming. This doesn’t change anything as the current swimmer of the moment is still Hazel. Keep up the good work guys.

Congratulations Andy. Awarded for swimming in placid surf off of Angle Bay, Pembrokshire. In fairness this trophy did pass to several different people throughout the week (11 – 20 Sept),but Andy was the ultimate winner, despite protestations. There is photographic evidence of the backstroke clearly being deployed before an unceremonious exit from his kayak. September 2020.

Simon H Wed 5th August R. Crouch – took a dip in the R. Crouch trying to disembark from his boat on the ramp at Eyott Sailing Club. Photo to follow

Mark B. 3rd July Blackwater Estuary

Mark B. 3rd July Blackwater Estuary Sea Kayak F4/5 – Surfing a wave mishap

Mike D 26th June R. Medway

photo required

OB weir decent mishap,War and Peace Revival Lock. Quote “Mike shot the slide like a ballerina would do a graceful move, but as he hit the bottom his OB just rolled over with Mike going down with his ship.”

Kevin R 1st March R. Chelmer

Kev R “Swimmer of the Moment” 1 st March 2020 For OB sailing mishap, stood up to unfurl sail in the wind – lesson learnt! Kevins claim to fame is to have the honour of being the first person to receive the award.