The Night Paddle. June 2016

Saturday 4th of June was the date of the night paddle, the problem was that John and I had just finished a full day of coaching screaming Brownies and leaders on open boat rafts. With an hours power knap, Andie arrives for a lift to Bradwell. Once ready, Andy E, Andie B, John H and I get on the water at 21:50 at Bradwell on the rising tide. I’ve never seen the Blackwater Estuary so glass like and flat. It was a spring tide and before we knew it we had passed Osea island and were approaching Heybridge basin (00:00). After packing Andie (half-a-trip) B off, we had a two hour cuppa and a snack at the Basin. 02:00 proper dark now, down to three paddlers, we were back on the water heading to Bradwell. At around 02:30 it started to get lighter with the power station as a great way point in the distance to spur us on. With it almost full day light now we got to the public slip way Bradwell at 03:45 frazzeled but smiling.

This was a great night paddle exercise, yes a bit mad too but you never know when for one reason or another you’ll have to paddle in the DARK!

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